Guide To Choosing The Best Snowshoes

Are you still wondering why you need to invest in the best snowshoes this winter?

Snowshoeing was a mode of transportation a thousand years and has become a popular winter recreational activity and fitness. Here are few reasons why you should buy the best snowshoes and start snowshoeing.

  • It is a fun way that helps beat the winter solitude,
  • Walking on the snow is easy but requires practice and mastering a few techniques,
  • It is an inexpensive recreational activity,
  • It is a good workout and a low-impact aerobic exercise that keeps you in shape.

The Different Types Of Best Snowshoes

The snowshoes come in different styles designed to give the wearer the best value and performance

Flat terrain snowshoes

They are ideal for walking on flat and rolling terrains. Also, they are best for families and beginners.

Rolling terrain

The snowshoes are best for hiking and rolling on steep hills. If you live in steep and icy condition, they are the best fit.

Mountain terrain

They are ideal for icy and steep terrains. It is ideal for backcountry snowboarding.

Choosing The Best Snowshoes

Here a few factors to consider while shopping for the best snowshoes:

Terrain type, snow conditions, and the skill level

Are you a beginner?

The flat-terrain snowshoes are easy to walk in in flat and rolling terrains. They have features that make them easy to adjust and have less aggressive traction systems.

Hikers and backpackers

The hikers and backpackers would feel comfortable in the rolling terrain snowshoes. Hiking or walking on steep snow requires some skills. The shoes have beefier bindings and aggressive crampons that make them safe for extremely steep or icy conditions.

Mountain terrain shoes

The advanced hikers, backcountry snowboarders, and mountaineers for hiking and rolling on icy conditions. They have the climbing-style crampons and rugged bindings designed to withstand the terrain and harsh conditions.

Get your shoe size right

It is important to get a shoe that fits since it offers the right amount of floatation. A heavy person or light and dry snow requires a large snowshoe surface area.

There are two major types:

  • The aluminum-frame snowshoe that comes in multiple surfaces,
  • The composite snowshoe comes in one size and you can add tails up to 6 feet that keep you afloat on the snow.

Gender and age considerations

The difference in gender affects the choice of snowshoes.

Women’s feet are narrower and have a more contoured frame. The size down to 8 by 12 feet and the bindings are sized to fit the women’s feet.

Men’s snowshoes are created to accommodate heavier loads and larger boots.

The kids’ snowshoes are categorized according to age. The smaller sizes are ideal for casual snow play, and the larger models have some technical features present in the adult shoe.

The recommended load

The recommended load or carrying capacity is a crucial aspect of choosing the right fit. A heavy person will need a larger snowshoe compared to a smaller person carrying little luggage.

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