The Most Trusted Home-Cleaning Solution This Year

If you’re searching for the perfect steam mop and sweeper there is no better choice than the Bissell steam and sweep hard floor cleaner.

The powerful mop comes equipped with a 30-ft power cord, water purification system, swivel head, a water tank that is completely removable, and two mop pads made of soft microfiber.

The body is composed entirely of lightweight plastic.

You’ll never have to worry about being short on gadgets.

The Bissell steam and sweep comes equipped with plenty of tools.

The steam works wonders on tile, wood and linoleum in smaller areas.

Larger rooms might be a bit a bother to clean because the trigger has to be held in the entire time and can be irritating and uncomfortable for some to operate.

However, despite the issue with the trigger the mop cleans perfectly and is well worth the investment.

With a company that’s been in business since 1876 you know you can trust Bissell to deliver the best in product quality and performance.

The steam and sweep mop is easy to assemble unlike other competing brands.

You won’t need an army of tools to put it together.

Simply open the box and get started cleaning.

The Michigan based, family-owned business has created a myriad number of mops and vacuums but the Bissell steam and sweep is both the most impressive and affordable.

Whether you have pets, children or both, this steam mop can tackle all dirt and debris with ease.

The best part is the versatility.

Simply start vacuuming your floor and if you happen to see a bit of dirt or scuff marks just squeeze the trigger to release the steam.

The dirt or scuff marks will instantly lift from the floor.

One thing that makes this steam and sweep mop unique is the design.

The mop has a ball joint similar to a Dyson that makes it very simple to maneuver wherever you need it to go.

This is especially helpful if your home receives a lot of high traffic.

Young kids and pets can wreck havoc on flooring throughout the course of a week but with the proper tools you can keep your home looking clean everyday.

Unlike the Shark models that require you to use a funnel, the Bissell steam and sweep has a removable reservoir that you can easily remove to add water.

This makes the cleaning process a lot quicker.

This is especially important if you want to clean multiple rooms in your house.

No matter if you have tile, linoleum or wood, this steam and sweep mop is the mop of choice for achieving a perfectly clean floor.

Regularly maintaining your flooring will increase its longevity so you won’t have to replace it as quickly.

No one wants to live in an environment that’s surrounded by dirt and debris.

Plus with the steam and sweep model from Bissell you won’t have to waste as much time cleaning.

Everything you need is in one product.

Save money and start living better with Bissell.

You’ll be glad you did.

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