Tips On Shopping For The Best Snowshoes For Beginners

When it comes to buying snowshoes it may seem like any other shopping trip, however this could not be further from the truth.

A first time snowshoe shopper will have a lot more to think about and be aware than the everyday snowshoe enthusiast.

It’s not as cut and dry as it may seem.

For instance, first timers will have to consider things like what type of shoe will work best for them as well as what accessories they will need to purchase.

So in essence, not only are you shopping for the best snowshoes — you’re shopping for the best snowshoes for beginners.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the things you need to consider.

There are several different kinds of snowshoes.

However, the main styles are race, recreational and backcountry.

Each of these provides a different function and comes with different features.

Types Of Snowshoes

Recreational snowshoes are the most popular as they adapt to many different terrains.

It is the leaset aggressive and works well for flat rolling terrains like packed trails, golf courses and for simply walking in light snow.

Many people keep a spare pair in their car in case of emergency.

They work best on hard packed snow but you can easily create a path if you need to get through deeper terrain.

These snowshoes are great for beginners due to the great prices.

Backcountry snowshoes are beefed up.

They allow you to easily break through your own trail and explore rougher terrain with little issue.

Backcountry snowshoes allow you to be comfortable anywhere whether you’re in packed down trails at state parks or in backcountry, deep snow.

Many consider these to be the best snowshoes for beginners because of how long they last.

Running snowshoes are built for control and speed.

Though they’re lightweight, they can be used on the harder packed terrains and at high speeds.

These were built with running, training and winter marathons in mind.

Though they are great for fitness use, it’s not recommended for backcountry or rough terrain.

Snowshoe Accessories

When looking for the best snowshoes for beginners, you should also consider the accessories you’ll need.

Though these shoes can make your trek easier, so can the tools that go along with them.

And there are a few that you should keep in mind specifically.

Snowshoe poles stabilize the upper body and can help you to build confidence.

They give you balance in the more difficult terrain.

Poles can also alleviate pressure in the ankles, feet and knees.

Boot gaiters protect your boots and pants from wetness.

They also keep you warm and shield you from the wind and cold.

This warmth is great if you plan on racing.

Floating tails act as extensions to your snowshoes.

This allow you to float in softer snow.

This is especially true if the snow is deep.

As you can see, there are several things you should consider when purchasing the best snowshoes for beginners.

However, the two most important elements involve the type of shoes you need as well as the accessories.

Ultimately, the type of shoe you select depends on what activity you plan on participating in as well as what type of terrain you plan on doing it on.

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